#1LineWed ~ Mar 8

Today I'm sharing my #1LineWed from my #WIP GEORGIANA. The words in bold were used in the Twitter post. The added instructions from the moderator were that you could use the word 'cross' in any form.
"You say he’s been making enquiries about Miss Darcy?”
Maxwell Kerr, the fourth Duke of Adborough, was seated in a very comfortable chair at White’s, a snifter of brandy in his hand. Across from him, sprawled out in his usual, careless way was his newly married brother, Lord George Kerr.
“Mmm…yes. The old boy had been sniffing around the skirts of Lady Susan Cruikshank, but she up and got engaged to Lord Waverly, the Marquis of Dorchester.”
“Anyone with a brain in their head knew that would happen. Slade’s losing his touch.” 
Have fun. Check out some other Twitter users. The lot of them are a clever bunch.

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