Hello - Welcome to my WeWriWa posting for March 4/5. What a crazy week. I've been working on two stories simultaneously, as they overlap. I'll deviate from the twining of these two story lines in a few more chapters.

What was I thinking, writing a series that is so interconnected? Remind me to drop a bowling ball on my foot the next time I attempt this. Much less painful...

Anyway. Today's eight-ten line foray is a continuation from the scene with Lord George and the lovely Madame - Evangeline.

George Kerr, the second son of a Duke, walked a fine line in Society. He’d carefully crafted a persona of a somewhat carefree bachelor. The ton regarded him as a Rake of the first order, which suited his cover perfectly. He made sure he always had a beautiful woman on his arm, flirted with them in an outrageous manner – had even kissed a few of them quite passionately – and visited Madame Reauchard’s brothel on a regular basis so no one could accuse him of not being the libertine they imagined.
If the Haute Ton ever stopped to consider his character more closely, they would be shocked to find that not one lady within their circles would ever report he’d done more than flirt or kiss, no married woman claimed him as their lover and not one prostitute had ever seen him in a state of undress. Not even Madame Reauchard herself.
Just then, she tensed.
“Mon cher, someone is coming, be quick.”
Without questioning her instinct, which had proven itself time and time again, George laid his coat on top of the papers and joined her on the divan, positioning his rather large body so that his head lay on her soft lap. He rested his left foot on the couch, knee bent slightly and stretched the right one out onto the floor.

There are a few other authors who share tidbits from their stories weekly. You can find them here.
Oh, I have to toot my own horn, so to speak. I created a book trailer for CAROLINE, and if you click on the JAFF tab, it's right there. Take a peek. It was a lot of fun to make.

Remember to hug someone you love today. Have a blessed day.


  1. Ah, so Madame Reauchard is in on the charade. That would definitely help him maintain the facade.
    I watched your trailer for Caroline. Good luck with it!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Ed. Madame Reauchard is on the charade, more will be revealed later in the book. I'm glad you liked the trailer.

  2. Great snippet! George definitely seems like a personality. ;)

  3. What a clever and ingenious snippet, Sue. Why the ruse, I wonder. Can't wait to find out.

  4. I wonder why he is going to such lengths for this facade. What will happen if his cover is blown?

  5. My evil plot to keep you guessing is working... *rubs hands in glee*
    Patience, my little padawan. All will be revealed in time.


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