Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Most of you are experienced in this exercise, but for those of you first timer's, here's the run-down.

You are allowed to post eight to ten lines of a work-in-progress, or a published work. I try to post from a WIP, but at times I post from published works because I fall in love with some scenes and just want to share - know what I mean?

Anyway - today is from a WIP. We've been introduced to Lord George Kerr and I'm continuing on with the previous scene. Madame Reauchard has heard someone approach and Lord George, after covering important papers on the table, positioned himself on the couch so that his head lay on her lap.

“Prepare yourself, Lord Kerr, I’m about to expose more than you would like.”
“I think I’ll survive,” he replied in a dry tone.
Madame Reauchard slipped the filmy gown past her shoulder, exposing one breast, and looked up in faux surprise when the door to her private boudoir opened. Her favorite girl, Colleen, the only one who knew of their true connection, shivered in the door frame. Behind her stood two men, with hardened faces and loaded pistols.
“Who do you think you are, entering my private room without knocking,” Evangeline demanded in a flawless Parisian accent. She tugged the gown back onto her shoulder while George remained where he lay, a deceptive picture of languor and satisfied coitus.
“I’m sorry, Madame,” Colleen began.
“Be quiet, slut.” The larger man backhanded her and she stumbled to one side.
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  1. Uh oh. It seems they may be busted.

  2. 'a deceptive picture of languor and satisfied coitus'

    Just love that line. I can't wait to watch Lord George's respone.

  3. Seems as if events are going to take quite a dramatic turn now! Great snippet...

  4. Danger, Will Robinson. Looks like trouble just walked in the door. Good snippet.

  5. I think the picture of "languor and satisfied coitus" is about to be shattered. I doubt Madame is going to take her favorite girl being abused without a fight from her. Great, exciting snippet!


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