New Release ~ Compromise & Consequence

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One misstep is all it takes for the lives of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy to change forever.

During the ball at Netherfield Park, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are irretrievably compromised and forced to marry. Angered beyond reason, Mr. Darcy prepared the vilest marriage settlement known to man, forcing Mr. Bennet to accept his terms or suffer the consequence of ruined reputations and unwed daughters.

The repercussions that follow show a determined young lady with a keen intellect and a prideful man who comes to realize that the consequence of their compromise is the best thing that ever happened in his life.


  1. Congratulations on another promising book. Eager to read your new story.

    1. Thank you, Buturot. Fingers crossed in the cherished hope you like the story.


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