Sorry for missing last week. We had some obligations and I knew I wouldn't be able to visit everyone's blog. We were supposed to have a family BBQ before restrictions get slapped back on. We are a small family. Even with everyone in attendance, our bubble never exceeds ten people. Now - if we were to go back to British Columbia, the numbers would swell exponentially. My husband is the youngest of nine. When we lived there, we would rent a local hall for things like the family Christmas dinner and we even rented a small hall for our own New Year's celebration. Loud. Noisy. Fun. I miss them.

Ah well, soon we can travel again and then have a good visit. Let's get crackin' on this story. It is now available at Amazon (Kindle Unlimited until June). Click the image in the right sidebar for more details.

We left off with:

“I will allow you to dislike him Lizzy, and you are not required to dance with him. Ever.”

“I do believe that is one promise I will have no difficulty in keeping.”

Now for my lines this week:

“Speaking of promises, we’ll discuss your unauthorized visit to Netherfield Park later.” Mama cut a quick glance toward Papa. “Can I behave in a silly manner with the gentleman from Derbyshire, my dear? I’m sure we will not court his great opinion.”

“Maybe just a little, my love. We don’t want him to influence his amiable friend with a poor opinion.”

“Then I shall flirt with sensibility and lead him on a merry dance.” Mama turned her intelligent gaze upon Lizzy. “Now, missy. What is this I hear about you going to Netherfield Park this morning?”

And a taste of more:

“Mrs. Nicholls sent word that two of the upstairs maids had fallen violently ill. She thinks it could be a simple case of eating some bad food, but she wanted to promote Sally from the kitchen for the few days the others would be indisposed.”

“Why would she not ask the sister who is acting as hostess for Mr. Bingley? Surely that falls within her realm of duties while they lease the manor.”

“It appears Miss Bingley - while telling all that she has the capacity to be the mistress of a grand estate - lacks the knowledge. Her vaunted seminary for young women did not give her the sense of a goose. She has absolutely no concept of how a house is run efficiently. Mrs. Nicholls was beside herself with worry.”

“Hmmm… very well, but I do not want them to know we are involved with the estate. You must take great care when it comes to our newest tenants. I don’t have a good feeling about them. They almost make my fluttering and heart palpitations reappear, and not as a charade.”

Lizzy reached over and took her mother’s hand in hers. “I will be a soul of circumspection and stealth. As it is, I’ve asked Mrs. Nicholls to meet me in the afternoon while the others are occupied with their tea for our bi-weekly meetings.” Her breath hitched. “Oh, dear.”

“What is wrong?” Mama asked.

“In my haste to take Jeremy around, I forgot to lock away my personal stationery from the desk in the study.”

“It’s not the end of the world if they are found, but I do believe it’s better if Mr. Bingley remains unaware of who actually owns Netherfield Park. I want him to like Jane for herself.”

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  1. One way or another, that carelessly left out stationery may come back to bite them, though I have no idea how.

    1. It does, but not in the way you think.

  2. Yes, I have a feeling they won't be able to keep their ownership a secret.

  3. Making the Bennetts the owners of Netherfield really adds an interesting twist to the story.

  4. It really tickles me that in your version Mrs. Bennett is sensible and intelligent. What a difference it makes to everyone in the book!

  5. Another very enjoyable snippet. I like the way you've taken the original story and made tweaks, especially to Mrs. Bennett.

  6. That's quite the twist! No wonder you had so much fun writing this book.

  7. This is such fun to read.

  8. As usual I'm enjoying your snippets.

  9. There's so much plotting and intrigue, but it seems like Mrs. Bennett is really enjoying it.


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