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Finally, Lord George and Catherine meet again, although not in a good way.
Kitty turned onto the road that led to Longbourn, traversing the small slope immediately following when she heard thunderous hooves pounding from behind. Before she could move out of the way, a horse and rider nearly ran her down, jumping over her body at the last minute. Startled, she screamed and tumbled into the ditch.
Arms flailing helplessly, she rolled once and came to a soggy stop at the bottom of the shallow gully and with shaking hands pushed her bonnet back off her face and took a few precious seconds to gather her wits. Nothing was broken, that she could tell, and her heart raced along as though she’d run all the way home from Lucas Lodge. She heard the rustling of grass as the rider of the horse slipped down the embankment toward her.
“Are you hurt?”
She nodded, not trusting her voice and tears threatened to overflow onto her cheeks with the realization of how perilously close she’d come to being injured, or killed.
“Here, take my hand. I’ll help you up.”
She raised her hand, but when he went to pull her toward him, she cried out at the sharp pain in her side.
Poor George. Not the best way to reacquaint himself with a girl that sparked his interest a few months ago. I guess we'll wait and see if he redeems himself.

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  1. It may not be a good way for them to meet, but here she's dependent on him. Great snippet! :)

  2. AnonymousMay 06, 2017

    Instead of a "meet cute," you've presented us with a "meet painful", as well as a hint of Jane Eyre.

  3. Yeah, not the best way to become reacquainted with someone. They're off to a rocky start already!

  4. I am loving this story and can't wait to read more. A very dramatic incident, with more to come no doubt. Great snippet!

  5. Really enjoyed this snippet - and I agree with Ed about the hint of Jane Ayre, which just makes this even more intriguing.

  6. Nothing like a reunion that sends you head over heels! At least he's a gentleman!

  7. I hope she's not hurt badly. Not a great run-in. or run-over?

  8. Oh, the details, the beautiful details! Nice. :-)

  9. Loved the snippet. It was beautifully detailed.

  10. Excellent detail in her fall and struggle to get up. That's certainly one way to get his attention.


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