Friday 56 #2

This Friday 56 is coming from my novel CAROLINE.

Charles Bingley has come across his sister, Caroline, sobbing in the drawing room and supplied her with a linen cloth for the second time in the space of a few days. They are leaving to visit the Miss Bennet's who are staying with their Aunt and Uncle in Cheapside.
"You are forever supplying me with dry cloths. I've become a regular water fountain these past few weeks."
"That's me, Steward of the Linen Cupboard," he teased. "Now...move your body in the general direction of the front door. I am leaving in ten minutes."
"Are we not waiting for Louisa?"
"She's indisposed again and has taken to her bed. Let us be off."
"Please allow me to freshen up first."
"Ten minutes, Caroline. I won't wait a minute longer," he threatened in a teasing voice, and brought out his pocket watch, tapping the face of it.
She smiled and hurried from the room. There was one thing she wished to take and give to Jane. It was an heirloom that had been passed down to Bingley brides for generations and would satisfy the 'something borrowed' part of the traditional, 'Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue'.
An hour later saw Caroline seated in the front parlor of the Gardiner's residence on Gracechurch Street. Her memory of the room had been it was much too small to entertain guests, and the miniscule salon hadn't improved with two more bodies added to the venue. It also didn't help her temperament that she was seated directly across from Miss Elizabeth Bennet and her Aunt Gardiner whom she recognized from Pemberley. Miss Jane and Charles were on the settee opposite them and Mr. Gardiner reclined by the crackling fireplace, a mug of cocoa in his hand.

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