Friday 56 #1

Welcome to Friday 56, where you go to page fifty-six of either a work in progress, or one of your published works and share a scene or the whole darn page, like I did with this scene from Man of Her Dreams:
Yeah, she'd want the white picket fence and all the trimmings. She may not realize it, but she was a future PTA mom and would be good at it.
He opened the door and threw his keys into a bowl on the table. His cell phone vibrated and he glanced at the call display. Briefly he toyed with the idea of not answering, but Daran usually didn't call this late.
"Hey, Daran, what's up?"
"First off, the pages look great."
Unease coiled down his back when a long pause followed. "Why do I feel like the axe is about to fall?"
"How soon can you be in New York?"
"What do you mean, how soon?"
"Like tomorrow morning? Say five a.m."
"What?" He visualized Daran pacing the floor.
"I've snagged you a slot on Good Morning America and they're going to feature 'Nowhere to Hide', but it's a last-minute cancellation, and you have to be here for tomorrow morning.
They spent the next few minutes discussing itinerary and Daran forwarded him details for his boarding pass. Not only had Daran gotten him on Good Morning America, but he'd also arranged appearances on two or three talk shows while in New York. In frustration he realized he'd be gone about four day.
He should have kissed her.

Making it in a man’s world as a home renovation expert is tough, but Lindsay Swanson’s up for the job, leaving no time for family and friends, let alone any kind of social life.
Jared Kane moved to Ravenwood for some much needed peace and quiet to finish his next book, which is hard to do when he’s hired his sexy neighbor to renovate his kitchen.
Then Lindsay overhears Jared talking about her notebook. A notebook wherein she and her BFF – after one too many bad dates and one too many glasses wine – concocted a checklist of the perfect guy. Is Jared the real deal, or has he been molding himself into the man of her dreams to get past her defenses?

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