Welcome to my weekly post. I've been sharing from my current WIP, CATHERINE: Pride & Prejudice continued...Book Two. So far we know that Lord George is a spy for the Crown. He and Madame Reauchard handily dispatched the two thugs who sought to steal important documents smuggled from France and Lord Grayson from the War Office believes George's identity has been compromised and has released him from his duties as a spy for King and Country. George is hoping Lord Grayson will be discreet with his inquiries. Spies had a tendency to hide. He should know – he’d been hiding in plain sight for almost five years.

So...now what?

I was going to introduce George's love interest, Miss Catherine Bennet, but I feel there's an important scene between George and his brother which must take place first. This scene takes place at White's. Viscount Stanhope, whom we met in CAROLINE and did not like - not one bit - is passing by the table where George and his brother Max, the Duke of Adborough are seated.
“Stanhope,” Max murmured as Lord Herbert walked past their table. The Viscount acknowledged George with barely a polite nod and a slight sneer.
“He’s a sorry piece of humanity,” Max grumbled once Stanhope was out of hearing. “I once told Nathan he had the intelligence of a potato.”
“How insulting to the potato. Never mind him, at least he was polite, usually he calls me…” George’s gaze narrowed and he assessed Viscount Stanhope moving toward the gaming rooms.
“What does he call you?”
“…a prancing dandy.”

The plot thickens....

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I promise the cute/meet between Kitty and George is around the corner. Thank you for visiting and have a blessed day. Remember to hug someone you love.


  1. Well done! You have taken the reader into a different time and place with humor.

  2. Ooh, love the insults going back and forth!

  3. Seems like a key moment here, setting up much more ahead. Glad you shared it with us, enjoyed the excerpt!

  4. You do an incredible job of pulling the reader into the scene. So easy to hear them speaking.

    And I had to chuckle at the "prancing dandy." lol

  5. Doesn't sound like they like each other much. LOL.

    1. No, they don't. We find out later just how vile Lord Herbert Jacobson, Viscount Stanhope, really is. Yick factor of 10.

  6. "How insulting to the potato." LOL What a fun snippet! :)

  7. It'll be interesting to see how you turn someone who's been called a "prancing dandy" into a worthy love interest!

  8. How insulting to the potato. That made me laugh.

  9. Love the wry back/trash talk.

  10. Oh man, this whole snippet was great. Had me smiling to the very end. :D

  11. Insulting the potato? LOL Great snippet.


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