Tidbit Tuesday ~ March 14

Katherine Bennet, better known as Kitty to friends and family, ambled along the road between Lucas Lodge and Longbourn. She’d been visiting with her very best friend, Maria, and was now on her way home before the sun set and it became too dark to see the road.
Lucas Lodge was such respite after the chaos that signified life at Longbourn. With three of five daughters married, everyone assumed Mrs. Bingley would calm down and relax knowing her daughters were secure. Well, at least two of the daughters were secure. Lydia rarely wrote and when she did it was to petition money from her ‘dear mama’. As always, Mrs. Bennet never could say no, so much of her pin money found its way north, along with Kitty’s and Mary’s. Mrs. Bennet was not above purloining money from their treasure boxes.
To Katherine, Lydia’s letters were full with details of the parties she attended, with or without Wickham, and of flirtations with other officers. Any money being sent was not used for food or household affairs, but for supporting a hedonistic lifestyle. A year’s separation gave Kitty a more sobering view of her younger sister and what she saw filled her heart with sorrow. Nothing good could come from their reprobate life and she prayed for them daily.
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