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Trying to capture a scene in 140 characters, including the hashtag is HARD, so I've decided to give you the balance of the scene here.

This is from my next #JAFF inspired romance. This scene will be in it because it's fairly pivotal for a plot line and for all you Elizabeth/Darcy fans - you'll get mushy from this scene.
Elizabeth Darcy entered the cozy study, arguably the smallest room at Pemberley yet it could easily contain at least three rooms from Longbourn. She approached her husband, busy with his ledgers and waited by the side of the desk until he glanced up.
The smile that graced his face warmed her heart and that errant organ increased its rate at the appreciative look he bestowed upon her. She was reminded of their morning activities by the daring way he perused her body.
“Have you come to steal me away from my dusty tomes and boring ledgers?” He pushed his chair away from the desk and beckoned her sit on his lap, which she did with pleasure.
Once settled and a few kisses later, she lightly pushed against his chest and made him look at her properly.
“You almost make me forget what I came to discuss.”
“You really did come here for something other than a kiss and a cuddle?” He attempted to steal one more kiss, but she slid from his lap and moved to place the desk firmly between them. She was more than aware Fitz would happily close and lock the door to continue this tryst, much like he did last week if she didn’t give them some space. After more than six months of marriage the master of Pemberley’s appetite for his bride hadn’t abated.
“Stay at your desk, sir,” she commanded in a faux haughty voice and then laughed at his glower. “Oh, Fitz, I’d love nothing better than to spend the whole day with you here, but I truly do have something important to discuss, and you can’t distract me with all of this.” She gave a small wave in the direction of his rather large body.
“Very well, Lizzie. Have your say, then I’ll have my way,” he said with a wolfish waggle of his eyebrows.
“Oh dear, when you begin to rhyme your words, I know I’m in trouble.” She settled in the comfortable chair facing the desk, smoothed her skirts and dragged in a deep breath. “I think Georgiana needs to wait one more year before she has her curtsy before the Queen.”
Elizabeth held up her hand to stop his protest.
“Hear me out before you disagree and harrumph.”
“I don’t harrumph. All right,” he conceded at her one eyebrow arched in disbelief. “I harrumph sometimes, but why do you want her to miss another Season?”
“Several reasons. For one, she’s not ready. Since our wedding her confidence has grown, with much credit being given to Caroline Bingley. Her guidance has surprisingly brought out Georgiana’s desire to attempt new things, but she’s still been very sheltered here at Pemberley. Her encounters have all been with those whom she knows and trusts.”
“What do you then propose?”
“Mrs. Annesley returns in the next month, which is good as Georgiana misses the companionship Caroline brought, and I thought this might be a good time to invite Kitty and Mary to stay with us. Kitty is the same age as Georgiana, Mary only two years older. I think Mrs. Annesley would be a wonderful influence on all of them. I propose all three girls make their debut together, next year.”
“What you say is true, but my sister was to be presented at court this year. Aunt Matlock is quite excited to sponsor not only Georgiana, but also you, Mrs. Darcy.”
“This brings me to my second reason to postpone Georgiana’s season.” She clasped her hands together, aware that they’d gone damp from nerves and excitement. “As you know I’ve had a special gown commissioned for this occasion and with such a beautiful design, I’d hate to ruin the cut by letting it out.”
His brow furrowed. “Why on earth would you have to let it out?”
“Because, dear husband, the baby refused to stop growing just so I can be presented at court.” She smiled as understanding dawned in his warm hazel eyes, more than pleased she’d managed to surprise him.
“Baby?”  Those hazel eyes she loved so much, shone bright with tears and she nodded yes. He rose from the desk and drew her to her feet, kissing her with a passion that ignited a flame in both of them. A few hours later he unlocked the door and carried his sleepy bride to her room.

Was I right, or was I right? Personally, I love this scene. Maybe one day I'll pen a story of Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy, but until then, my hands are full with Georgiana and Kitty.

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