Weekend Writing Warriors is a fun exercise where authors are challenged (and sometimes it IS a challenge) to post eight to ten lines from their current W.I.P. I'm sharing from my Jane Austen Fan Fiction Regency Romance (say that five times fast), KATHERINE.

Continuing on with Lord George Kerr, Madame Reauchard and the two ruffians who burst into her boudoir.  We ended last week with.. "Be quiet, slut." The larger man backhanded her and she stumbled to one side...
Still semi-reclined George slid his left hand down his leg toward his boot. Meanwhile, Evangeline arose in a state of agitation, which he also knew to be a ruse. She intended to clutch the couch as though frightened and retrieve a hidden weapon strapped to the back of the divan.
He knew this because she’d done it to him in France.
“What do you want?” She stumbled against the divan, and steadied herself by gripping the back of the couch. “Please don’t hurt me or my girls.”
While the men were distracted, George unsheathed the knife tucked inside his boot and palmed the deadly weapon in his hand. Colleen, with small movements, inched away from the two men who now advanced further into the room. While the larger man continued to watch them, the other glanced about the room, moving toward the table.
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  1. George and Evangeline certainly are cool headed and well prepared. Enjoyed the scene, could really visualize it!

  2. I enjoy situations like this, where I know more than some of the characters do.

  3. A chess match of action here, Sue. Nicely done.

  4. Nice visual snippet. Well done.

  5. I love this! What a woman :) And he knows because she'd done it to him. LOL. That's great :)

  6. I can almost hear him chuckling at her brazen attempt to get the drop on him. But what about the other guys? Great snippet.


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