Manic Monday - Am I Crazy or What?

Yup. I've lost it. I'm participating in the National November Writing Month, #NaNo for short, or NaNoWriMo for more erudite folk. I'll be finishing up Man of Her Dreams (not sure if should add that to my word count or not....) and then I'm puttin' the hammer down on Craven Desires.
Love that story, but the characters are so interwoven, my inner editor always makes me stop. That's why I decided to do THIS story for #NaNo. During the month of November you are supposed to 'vomit' the words onto the page.

Aw, crap. I just used up my quota for exclamation points for the month. Anyway, I digress, we get the words on paper and 'then' we edit once complete. How hard can it be, right?
I'll find out. Oh, and I'm on vacation for eight days during the month. I don't think I'll want to bring my laptop to the Mayan Riviera - yes, groan with envy - but....I probably will to make myself feel like I could be productive. *snort*

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