National Cat Day

Can I tell you a secret?

....I don't really like dogs. I know, I know. Almost everyone I am acquainted with has one, or two and sometimes three, but...they're just not me. I AM a cat person, always have been. I broke down once under peer pressure, when I was twenty, and got a miniature husky. I called him Digger.

If you're my age, you would remember 'Digger the Dog' commercial theme song.

Digger the Dog
Digger he goes with you
When you explore
Just pull his leash
Go for a walk
He's your dog, for sure

I had Digger for almost two months, but we both knew it wouldn't work, so I found a nice family for him and stuck with cats.

My latest fur buddies are Bridgette, McKenzie and another we adopted when our son moved in, Beau. All are good kitties, but Jimminy Crickets - the food we go through. The fur. The litter box!

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