Kiss Me, My Darling

I love old movies, especially those from the 30's and 40's. Because special effects were not used as much you had to rely on dialogue, and good acting to carry the story. Movies with legendary couples: Hepburn and Tracy, Bogart and Bacall, Gable and Lombard. Absolute gems.

Youngest told me the other day he loves old movies too, but his idea for old is anything in the late 70's, early 80's. I hit him over the head.

Okay, I didn't really, but I wanted to....

My ultimate all-time favorite is 'Gone With the Wind', released in 1939. Captain Rhett Butler is the quintessential, alpha male who is not fooled by the young beauty, Katie 'Scarlet' O'Hara. He has her number the first minute he lays eyes on her, but that doesn't stop him from wanting her.

Scarlet is not the heroine you would find in today's love stories. She was manipulative, cunning and secretive, but when push came to shove, she showed she had a rod of steel beneath her soft, velvet gloves.

I also enjoy the parody Carol Burnett did called 'Went With the Wind'. When she came traipsing down the stairs, with a curtain rod over her shoulders, I laughed until I cried. And the line she delivered, "I saw it in the window and couldn't resist it.", has gone down as one of the great classics.

What's your go-to movie? Any favorites you watch over and over and over again? Like Pride and Prejudice? Steel Magnolias? Top Gun (had to throw that one in there because I loved this movie so much when it first came out)

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