EDITED TO ADD: I discovered (too late for June 28) that Amazon (for reasons unknown??) removed my 'FREE' book for this date. 'Tis a mystery as I had set the dates for June 27 - 29 for my book to be available across all time zones. I apologize to any of you who tried to get my book on the 28th and can only advise that it WILL be free on the 29th (Saturday). I triple-checked to ensure it was there before I posted this correction.

As I told you earlier in the week, Friday, June 28 is a banner day for readers of #JAFF as 58 Austenite authors have banded together to provide a one-day blowout of your favourite books. Now, here's the other fabulous piece of news. TODAY you can take a sneak peak and make a list of what you want to download.

Click HERE to take you to #JAFF Nirvana.

So, strap on your virtual runners and get going. What are you waiting for???


  1. AnonymousJune 28, 2024

    Hi Sue! Your book Compromise and Consequence isn’t coming up as free on the UK Amazon store. Is it just a US thing?

    1. At 2:00 am I found out my book was not free, regardless of the fact I had made changes at the 'Zon to have my book 'free' from June 27 through to the 29th to cover all time zones of the world. I am not sure why it changed and disappeared an am very disappointed. Not only for my readers but for myself as well. I was very excited over this fun event. I went back into the system and set my book for free again, however, the earliest date available is for June 29. So... my book will be free tomorrow. I will make a correction at the top of my blog post showing this.
      I dearly hope you have taken advantage of all the other author's offerings and invite you to sneak back onto Amazon on the 29th and grab my book. :)


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