Farewell 2022


As the title suggests, this is my farewell message to 2022. In some ways, it has been a very good year, in others, not so much.

January started with us facing an unknown future as Mr. Barr had been diagnosed with cancer back in November. The 'Big C' still strikes fear into the hearts of many and while we were confident the disease was caught at its early stages, we had lots of long talks about what do we do now. This led to us purchasing a condo so Mr. B. didn't have so much yard work to take care of.

February had Mr. B's treatments start. I don't know what hurt the most, the biopsy he had in November which determined he had cancer, or the doctors injecting him with the nanobeads the radiation needed to stick (in order to kill those nasty C cells all around). The radiation treatment itself, ten in total, was quick and painless. My poor boy... :(

March stormed in and not only did Mr. B have cancer treatments, but also a hernia operation. During all this, we put our house up for sale and were constantly on the go while it was active on the market, and people viewed the house. BTW - you can check out this YouTube video if you'd like to see where we lived.

House sold!

April, May, June. -- I hate packing and going through things to determine 'what will we keep', 'what will we give away'? Ugh.

July - we are in the new condo, without my wall unit oven and microwave. Delays due to Covid. I think I hate that phrase, don't you? Fortunately, we have our cooktop, slow cooker, and BBQ. Sounds good, right. Live like that for months on end. It begins to wear on you. Subway has become my friend.

September - heave a heartfelt sigh - my oven unit arrived and I can bake! Cook! Microwave! Wait. What? What do you mean the oven door latch is broken and I cannot use my shiny new oven?

October - the oven is fixed in time for Canadian Thanksgiving, which is ironic because I have a countertop roasting pan I use for the big bird. Still, I can go back to baking bread, cakes, and cookies, and have meatloaf whenever I want. Oh, in case you are wondering, during this month we discover the cancer is gone, but Mr. B. has to see his doctor every six months for the next two years, and then if still not there, every three. His hernia operation was also successful, so we truly were thankful this year.

November is a special month for us. Not only is it Mr. B's birthday month but also our anniversary month. This year we celebrated 39 years of wedded bliss. We often joke, when asked how many years we've been happily married, either one of us will reply with, "Happily? I'd say about five." Humour is what has kept us close, along with our love and friendship. 

Last, but not least, December. Looking back over this year there were struggles, but that's life. What struck me more than once was how the hand of God was on our lives. In ways, we could not even imagine until we looked back and saw how it could have been worse, yet wasn't. How things 'fell' into place for us to find a condo, sell our home, beat cancer, and be content and happy.

We are blessed.

I wish you and yours a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2023.


  1. It sounds like a roller coaster of a year for you, dear author. Your readers hope next year will be better in a general sense, my friend, and you'll get to enjoy that new condo and find a great writing space within it. Best wishes!

    1. Thank you, Suzan. My writing space is quite fine. In fact, Longbourn's Angel has passed the 90K mark with Mr. Darcy asking for a courtship. I can see the end in sight!

  2. I have been coming back to this page daily anxiously hoping for an update on the release date or preferably a link to order the finished book! I’ve reread most of your books - again - while waiting for this new one as you’re books give me positive energy and hope that allows me to cope with all the stress and the feeling that I have no control of my life and am just a bystander in my life. Thank you for stories and all the best for 2023!

    1. Good news! I expect an April release for Longbourn's Angels. My editor is very, very, very busy and so the date is contingent on her timely return of my manuscript. Thank you so much for dropping by, and all the best for you and yours in 2023.


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