Ringing in the New Year

As I write this post I find myself gazing out the window onto our front yard, covered by the lightest dusting of snow. You may think this strange that I notice this, but I live in Canada. I should have a few feet of snow on the ground by now. I will not complain. This means we do not have to shovel (the royal we - hubby does the job) out the drive. We had a green Christmas as well.

Our family remains untouched by the dreaded virus, although I am not surprised. My husband and I are virtual hermits. We love our home. We enjoy each other's company (after 40+ years I think that is quite the accomplishment), and we plot and plan what we will do when we win the lottery. Yup - still dreaming.

And so, Happy New Year my friends. May 2022 be a safe and blessed year and I wish you nothing but joy.

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