First and foremost, my apologies to fellow Weekend Writing Warriors. Sunday is the day I hop around the blogs and enjoy your snippets. Unfortunately, real-life intruded and I was distracted. I thank all of you who visited MY blog. You are so appreciated and are welcome to beat me on or about the head and shoulders with a wet pool noodle if I miss your contribution this weekend.

That said, let's continue with Pride & Perception. We are at the Meryton Ball with Miss Elizabeth Bennet and the party from Netherfield Park is about to descend. Are we ready for that??

We left with:

“Eliza, next to such beauties as you and your ethereal sister, Jane, no woman stands a chance of capturing the eye of any eligible gentleman.”

Now, this week's contribution:

“I give you leave to sing the praises of my eldest sister but must stop you when you elevate me into the same sphere of Jane. I am, to my mother’s never-ending horror, a hoydenish rapscallion who cavorts about the fields of Longbourn.”

Charlotte laughed out loud and was about to respond when the doors to the Assembly opened wide. All eyes turned and watched an elegant group of people enter the room.

“Which of the painted peacocks is our Mr. Bingley?” Lizzy whispered to Charlotte.

“The one in the blue jacket is he. Next to him is his youngest sister, then his eldest sister and her husband.”

“And the man with a quizzical look upon his brow?”

“That would be Mr. Darcy.”

“Poor man, he does not look pleased to be here.”

And to give you a touch more:

“Poor he is not, dearest. His estate in Derbyshire is rumored to be worth about ten thousand a year.”

“Well then, poor Mr. Bingley.”

“What do you mean? It is well known he is worth about five thousand a year.”

“When the matrons of Meryton discover Mr. Darcy is worth twice his friend, it will be as if he never existed.” Lizzy bumped her shoulder against Charlotte’s and waggled her eyebrows. “There is hope for you and I yet, Charlotte. Out of sheer desperation, Mr. Bingley may have to pay court to us mere mortals while Jane basks in the attention of Mr. Darcy.”

“Your mother is right! You are a rapscallion.”

With that, Elizabeth moved to join her mother in order to be introduced to the illustrious tenants of Netherfield Park.

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  1. I love Elizabeth and Charlotte together. They are so much fun. Somehow Charlotte seems to ground Lizzy in her crazy opinions. What fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A delicious snippet filled with humor, foreshadowing coming events. Nicely done.

  3. Its so much fun to see a different set of details to deepen the P&P relationships. Great snippet.

  4. Love the last line - she moves so she can meet the illustrious tenants..

  5. A very realistic conversation. Really felt like I was there, listening to the gossip as well.

  6. Haha! Lizzy is a realist and has it all figured out. At least until love comes along and makes her brain wonky. Wonderful snippet, Sue!

    I have your link posted on the sidebar now.:-)

  7. Love her logic concerning the marriage mart. Good luck, ladies!!

  8. Biting logic just like Jane Austen's.

  9. I enjoy Lizzy's perception of the entire situation, especially knowing she won't be able to remain so detached for much longer.

  10. Very clever conversation indeed! Enjoyed the snippet so much...

  11. I enjoyed their banter. Cant wait to read more.

  12. Fun conversation! I love Mr. Bingley being described as a peacock! He seemed so not that in the original. Darcy, I see has changed little. :) Great snippet!

  13. Great dialogue, very much in the spirit of The Great Jane.

  14. I like this girl's spunky spirit. Given the setting she's probably right though.

  15. Love the witty banter. Nice foreshadowing.


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