Monday Meditation ~ May 20

I'm starting a new Bible study, the Proverbs 31 Woman. When you read this passage in the Bible it seems quite daunting. What a paragon of a woman, but we have to realize this passage was about King Lemuel's mother advising him of what to look for in his search for a wife. She wanted him to find a woman who esteemed him greatly, (to put it in Jane Austen vernacular), and for him to esteem her in return.
Even though the intent of these verses were to instruct a son, all Scripture is given for the edification and instruction to man (as in human kind). I've read, and agreed with, that God allowed these verses to be included in the Bible for two different reasons.

TO INSTRUCT MEN in general on what to look for in a godly wife.

TO INSTRUCT WOMEN on how to be a more Biblically-minded woman.

Both are important to the Body of Christ - his church. So... here I go, diving into a Bible study that will help me esteem my husband more while at the same time, bring me closer in my walk with God.

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