Monday Meditation ~ Choices

May 13, 2019

There are times, as you journey through life, where you have to make hard decisions. Choosing to follow Christ is one of them. I struggle daily with choices. Television programs are one of them. While I enjoy the creativity and inherent intelligence writers have, I find the content leaves a LOT to be desired. My family's favourite show, ending an eleven year run this month, is riddled with sexual content. When my husband asked why I didn't want to watch the program anymore, I said as much. He was surprised, until I sat with him and pointed out how every scene (rarely no exception) had implied or direct sexual innuendo. He truly had never thought about that. He just enjoyed the comedy.

This is how the enemy sneaks behind our borders. It's fun. It's comedy. What harm is there in watching a show on TV. The sad truth is you become inured to the oily tentacles of sin. Who cares that everybody in that show is having sex outside of marriage, or all they are looking for is to 'hook up' with someone (for sex)? It's only a show, for crying out loud.

We are to be set apart. We are to be the standard bearers for God. We are to shun all appearance of evil. We are to make hard choices. Our reward, when we finally leave this beautiful earth, is to be present with the very God we choose to honour. What do you choose? Only you and Jesus know the absolute truth.
I wish all the ladies a Happy Mother's Day. Mine was wonderful and I now have a Clematis and Lavender bush to plant.

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