Sunday Snippet

I've fallen behind on my Weekend Warrior posts. Although I didn't sign up for this weekend, I'm going to post my ten line snippet and continue on as though nothing happened.

From Georgiana:
The moment she'd dreaded, yet hoped for, had arrived.
“First, I must tell you I have admired you for a number of years. You have grown in grace and beauty and even without these extenuating circumstances, you are someone I have considered as a wife.”
An awkward pause stretched between them as he looked at her with expectation. Aware he awaited some form of response, she finally said, “I’m a bit confused. Was there a question in there?”
"Dash it all. I knew I'd forget something." He surprised her by raising her hands to his lips, pressing a soft kiss against her fingers. She absolutely forgot how to breathe. "Yes, there is a question. Would you do me the honor of accepting my hand in marriage?" 

If you wish to check out other authors who WERE on the ball and signed up for #SnippetSunday and #WeWriWa, then click here. And before you go, remember to hug someone you love today.

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