Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

A week has gone by since DH and I embarked on this journey. Neither of us have ever monitored what we eat and there's a bit of a learning curve in this adventure. Not that we eat 'unhealthy', only that we've never consciously thought about WHAT we are consuming.

Having said that, the week was interesting. I'm not sure I like the fact that I'm obsessed with food. I'm sure as we settle into this 'thing' I won't spend almost every waking moment worrying about how I can reduce fat/salt/bad cholesterol - it will all become second nature - but right now I'm poring over articles and blog posts trying to learn something new.

We're kind of a funny pair. DH has to adjust to no snacking and I have to add snacks. He has to reduce his consumption and I have to increase mine. We definitely are two sides of the same coin, and I know this will all work out.

As of yesterday, I've lot 6.2 pounds. My first goal is ten and the final goal is thirty. I've heard/read the first few weeks you shed weight quite quickly with a plateau of sorts to follow, but ten is my first goal and this makes me happy. I truly don't care if the rest comes off more slowly as long as it doesn't come back on.... DH says he has lost some pounds, but he mumbled his number so I think he's a bit discouraged.

Don't worry, honey. I'm going to hide the ketchup and see if that makes a difference next week....

I'm going to post something I borrowed from the Herbal One (TM) website about mindful eating. For the full article, click the embedded link to their site.

This doesn't mean to totally avoid weighing yourself. But the weight scale can be one of your worst enemies. Regardless of how you try to lose weight, you will have good days and bad days.
When you hop on the scale and the numbers don't deliver the news you're looking for, it can be devastating. So  much so that you fail to see your real progress. The progress that you make everyday, regardless of what the scale tells you.
Remember, you're on a journey toward a more mindful eating, better health and weight loss. The scale only measures one, and it's not really the best way to do even that.
By putting away the weigh scale deep in a closet, instead of leaving it temptingly on the bathroom floor, you'll need to be more mindful in using it, and better prepared for whatever news it brings.

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