We left off with Lord George and Phillip. What I hadn't shared in my previous post is that George engaged in a bit of subterfuge to entice the lad to follow him. He'd mused, loud enough for Phillip to hear, that he was searching for gold. Of course the boy followed... was caught by George... and, without further ado, I'll let their little side story unfold.

Phillip has just asked, 'Wot you gonna do wif me?'

Fair warning: Extreme creative use of punctuation in order to comply with the 10 line rule.
George paused and thought about his options. By the amount of filth encrusted on the child there was a good chance he didn't have caring parents, or at least parents who could afford to keep their children clean. He seemed slightly malnourished, given how he could feel fragile bones through the threadbare shirt.
No, the punishment had to be fitting, yet fair.
"What's your name?" he asked.
"Phillip." The boy dared to glance up at him.
"That's a good strong name, one you can live up to." He glanced toward Kewick Manor. "I have a task you can do which is fitting for the crime."
At the word 'crime', the boy began to squirm again.
There you have it. What does Lord George have in mind for the little blighter? Stay tuned.
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  1. I suspect it isn't punishment but salvation that he has in mind.

  2. Interesting situation going on here. Enjoyed the snippet...

  3. Good thing for the kid he ran afoul of someone with a heart!

  4. Hmm, nice little hook you left us hanging on! :-) I do wonder what that task will be. Good character development in this snippet. I like George. Seems like a good guy.

  5. Phillip is lucky he ran into George. George sounds like a kind-hearted guy.

  6. His POV show a great deal of compassion for the less fortunate. I think this is Phillip's lucky day, indeed.

  7. Considering how harsh the laws were in those days, the word crime would strike fear into any child's heart. Poor Philip. But I think I see salvation around the corner, in the disguise of a punishment. :)

  8. Lord George seems kind. I am optimistic on behalf of young Philip.


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