Welcome to another instalment of Weekend Writing Warriors where authors showcase a portion of their work in a miniscule frame of 8-10 lines. Cruel and Unusual punishment, I assure you. However, these are the constraints within we all work (although some of us use creative punctuation and break every grammar rule to stay within the confines).

Have said that, here is my contribution for the week, continuing on where Evangeline has entered a church to escape the man who's been following her these past few days. Just as she sat down, he entered so she dropped to the floor and rolled under the pew.

She gathered her skirts close to her legs, grateful they didn't swish. Having determined she was being watched or followed, she'd carefully chosen a dark muslin gown, choosing not to wear a corset or any type of bulky underskirt. The last thing she needed was the creak of whale bone or the rustle of petticoats to give away her location, or impede a hasty retreat.
Every nerve in her body tensed as she strained for any sound, any noise that would indicate his location in the sanctuary.
There - a soft shuffling noise near the confessional. Did he think she was careless enough to conceal herself in the most obvious spot? She almost sniffed aloud with disdain. The door latch to the confessional clicked and she belly crawled along the cold marble floor toward a side stairwell used by the priests to enter and exit the building.
Keeping low, she slipped behind a large column and crept down the hall. When she was sure no one from within the chapel could see her, she straightened and hurried down the short corridor, her soft soled slippers not making a sound.
Clever Evangeline! I'm enjoying this heroine.

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Always with love,
Sue B


  1. She is definitely sly. I hope she gets away and is able to figure out what he wants without a confrontation.

  2. Something tells me this isn't the first time she's had to avoid followers. Lucky for her that she's as quiet as a church mouse.

  3. She is very clever, enjoying all her forethought and planning. I hope she does get away! Terrific snippet...

  4. I hope she isn't caught! She's definitely thinking ahead.

  5. Wonderful description of the scene. Good writing!

  6. What tension! I never thought about whalebone squeaking. Great tidbit. Such forethought on her part. Great quality in a spy.

  7. Clever, indeed! I hope she makes good her escape.

  8. Clever girl! I love how she chose her gown with thought for any rustling or squeaking!

  9. Lovely tension! Makes me wonder where she learned her strategy to remain undetected! I like her. :-)


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