Keith Green - Your Love Broke Through

I took a break from Weekend Writing Warriors to share a little bit of my Christian faith, and what better time than on a Sunday - the Sabbath. :)

I was listening to an interview with Keith Green - fabulous ministry in song for the Lord - on 100 Huntley Street a few months before his death in 1982. He said something that jumped out at me concerning young people who attend church with their parents, (because they HAVE to), and don't have a personal relationship with the Lord. Sometimes they believe that because they have been brought up in the church that they are all right.

They're not.

You must make a decision on your own. You must make the choice to follow God. There is no other way. Keith said to the host, David Mainse, God does not have grandchildren. Wow. To the point and a reminder that WE are the only ones responsible for our choices.
Below is a recording of one of his songs. I hope this touches your heart like it did mine.

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