Can you believe summer is almost over and school starts in a few short weeks. Wait... I hear angels singing.

This is the last year our son and grandson lives with us full-time. Next year my son is getting married (come on June 30th) and then - THEN - I'm fully retired and can enjoy the peace and quiet of my home with hubby. Don't get me wrong - I love them to pieces but I've raised my children and we are too old to chase after a nine year old.

Now, down to business. I'm branching off on another story (I know, I know, but I love having the iron in a few fires). This is from An Elaborate Ruse, which will be Evangeline's story. You may recall Evangeline and her husband were both in France. While she returned to England, her husband the Earl of Anstruther remained in France and forwards secret documents to her and Lord George. This is the beginning of Chapter One where Lord George has finally tracked her down, although she doesn't know who he is - at first.
Evangeline cast a furtive glance over her shoulder and confirmed her suspicions. He blended into the crowds with ease and if she hadn't been intrigued by the color of his scarf, she may never have noticed him.
Walking at a sedate pace she paused in front of a small café, ostentatiously to peruse the multitude of mouth-watering confections arrayed in the window. Instead, she scanned the busy street reflected on the pane. A smile lifted the corner of her mouth as she spotted him, chatting up a little flower girl, her basket full of violets and roses.
He was clever, this rogue who'd been following her for most of the morning. Right now he'd removed the distinctive scarf from around his neck and replaced it with a soiled rag and wore a cap pulled low over his forehead. She shifted further down the window and when sunlight lit his face for a brief moment, she felt a flash of recognition.
Panic began to crawl up from her belly. Was he friend or foe?

I hope you enjoyed my entry this week. An Elaborate Ruse will not come out until Fall 2018 - unless I light a fire under my butt and get her finished early. Please take the time to visit other authors who partake in this fun weekend blog hop by clicking HERE.


  1. Oh, I wonder who he is. Intriguing snippet! :)

  2. Charming beginning, Sue. Best to to and your hubby in your new future. How execiting.

  3. I loved all the details in this snippet and how very clever she is! Wonderful...

  4. Smart idea to swap his accessories. I hope she can keep him at bay until she knows.

  5. She's right to be cautious. I hope he's not an enemy. Good luck on your home situation. We've had Son & family including 2 BIG dogs living with us for 2 months. Chasing after a 2-yr-old gives me plenty of exercise. They move into their new house in a week. Good news/sad news. Happy that we'll all have our own space. Sad that I won't get the hugs, kisses, & snuggles during the day. I imagine a 9-yr-old isn't as much fun.

    1. He's pretty snuggly. When they first moved in he was reticent, but over the past year he's learned to show much more affection. I WILL miss that and have to get my fix on visits.

    2. I love a clever heroine!! She's smart, observant and hopefully not in over her head.

  6. She sounds like a relly smart girl who's not goig to let herself be deceived - what an interesting and intriguing snippet!

  7. Oh wow, who could he be? Got my attention.


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