Tuesdays with Tupperware ~ Modular Mates

I started buying Tupperware in the early '80's. Hubby was posted to Edmonton, Alberta and one of my neighbours who also lived in PMQ's (Private Married Quarters for those of you uninitiated in the military lifestyle) invited me to a Tupperware party.

Modular Mates had just been introduced by Tupperware, and I was hooked. Being that we moved every two or three years, MM's became my saving grace as 1) they kept my food fresh and I didn't have to throw out a ton of food prior to a move, and 2) they packed up really easy. I called them Lego for adults.
As you can see, I LOVE my Tupperware. These are actual photos from my own pantry, fridge and cupboards. There are tons more, but I truly don't have the space in this blog for everything. If I were to recommend ANY piece of Tupperware - it would be the Modular Mates. Organization and freshness are unparalleled with this produce.

When it comes to shopping, a quick glance tells me which containers need to be filled. Also, I never have organization problems because even if the container is empty (or near empty) its space is always secure. No more pushing around bags and boxes to make space.

In my fridge, I put as much as I can into Tupperware Fridge Smarts. Vegetables and fruits thrive in these container. I can't begin to tell you how many times I had to throw out strawberries and raspberries because they'd gone mushy. Our fridges are designed to remove any moisture from within and when you have a carton or bag of milk, you slowly lose your 'freshness' daily. Something as simple as transferring your milk, or juice to a handy slim line pitcher maintains freshness. You'll see that I have chocolate and regular milk in mine.

Next week I might show you my cooking products from Tupperware. Yes, I know. I have a problem. Deal with it.


  1. Hubby was in the Princess Pats, eh?

    1. No, he was Air Force. We lived in Greisbach, but he worked out of Namao, where the Airbase was. Were you a Princess Pat, Ed?


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