Welcome friends. I hope that Canada's 150th birthday on July 1 was drier for my Canadian friends than it was for me, and I lived in envy at the beautiful weather my American friends had for their Fourth of July celebrations. Now that the holiday fever is behind us, it's time to get our butts back into the chair and our hands on the keyboard. I've set a goal of 30K words this month and I'm behind by 30K.... *sigh*

Kitty has been deposited on a couch in the drawing room. Lord George has stayed to supper and as soon as it was polite, joined her in the drawing room.
Standing by the fireplace he watched her with what she'd come to recognize as a habitual grin. Normally she would have fussed and fidgeted, but the slightest movement incurred a biting pain.
"I believe you are the most fetching patient Mr. Wilson has had these past few months," Lord George offered as a conversation starter. "I overheard him tell your father that all he treats lately are red coated soldiers with broken noses and twisted shoulders from holding their muskets the wrong way and not learning when to duck."
"I would rather the injuries happen here than on French soil," Kitty said, thinking about the young men who would never return to Meryton. Maria Lucas worried constantly about her brother Jonathan as they hadn't heard from him in over a month.
At one time Kitty fancied herself in love with the tall, lanky boy, not hard to do when they were such close neighbours, but he never saw her in the same light. Over time and few shed tears she learned to treasure their friendship and when he'd enlisted, she'd added him to her daily prayers along with Lydia, Elizabeth, Jane and Georgiana.
"There are many who live for the day that L'Corse is defeated," Lord George muttered, the muscles along his jawline clenching as his lips formed a thin line.
There were bitter tones laced throughout that statement and she was filled with curiosity at his brief display of emotion.  
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  1. It sounds like she might be starting to see a different side to him, maybe one she's not too fond of.

  2. Interesting history between Kitty and Jonathan Lucas. That would have been a rather grand match for her. But Lord George would be an even greater one. Perhaps she's thawing towards him a little?

  3. Good luck on your goal. I know I'm going to be lucky to make 10K this month. *sigh*

  4. Hmm, sounds like someone has a grudge... ;) Good luck with your 30K! I'm massively behind all my writing too *cries*

  5. An interesting comment from Lord George, more to come, I'm sure. Enjoyed the excerpt!

  6. AnonymousJuly 09, 2017

    The war actually intrudes on a story of the Bennett girls. I've always thought it strange how the war never made it into Austen's books.

    1. It was always a thought of mine that this was why Mrs. Bennet was so anxious. What with the war, eligible young men would be scarce. In P&P Jane has the militia training near Meryton and that's as close as she came.

  7. Ahha! Unexpected depth of character. Always a nice surprise for one to have when dealing with the opposite sex!


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