Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Each week participating authors post 8-10 lines from a work in progress. My contribution is continuing from CATHERINE: Pride & Prejudice continued... Book Two (Hopefully will be ready for release Fall 2017)

Lord George and Catherine Bennet (Kitty) have arrived at Longbourn and Kitty is sitting on the horse in front of Lord George, who has his arms around her. *gasp*
Lord George slid off the horse and reached up for her. She placed her hands on his broad shoulders and with great care he lifted her off Buttons. Katherine fully expected him to set her on her feet, instead, with little effort, he swung her up into his arms and turned to face her parents.
"I apologize for this breach of decorum, but Miss Bennet has been injured. Do you have somewhere I may take her?"
"Right this way, Lord Kerr." Mr. Bennet said, waving his arm toward the front entrance, obviously  recognizing Lord George from Lizzie's wedding.
"Oh, my nerves, my whole body is trembling. Hill, I need my smelling salts," Mrs. Bennet cried out and held the back of her hand to her forehead, swaying on her feet.
Mortified by her mother's familiar antics, Katherine fought the urge to burrow her face into Lord George's shoulder. How could Mama behave so badly in front of such an esteemed guest, the son of a Duke, no less?
There you go. The all too familiar Mrs. Bennet has shown up :)
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  1. This was a great line: "Katherine fully expected him to set her on her feet, instead, with little effort, he swung her up into his arms and turned to face her parents." What assertiveness on this character's part. And totally caught Katherine by surprise.

  2. His chivalry could be considered scandalous. (hee hee) Love it.

  3. AnonymousJune 24, 2017

    You've got Mrs Bennett's reaction down perfectly. The scene reminds me, of course, of Sense and Sensibility, and that familiarity should bring chuckles to your readers.

  4. If there's one thing I'm reminded after reading these last few snippets, it's this: you gotta love moms. They'll embarrass you whenever they want, and wherever they want.

  5. Because Mrs. Bennet is always herself and so annoying LOL. Well done snippet!


  6. Really enjoyed the short passage from your book. Thanks for sharing. ~Keta~

  7. "Oh my nerves." lol I've never encountered her before, but I think I know her already! :-)

  8. I hope the interlude doesn't create problems. Are all young women embarrassed by their mothers?

    1. They are if your mother is Mrs. Bennet of Longbourn...

  9. I think you've nailed Mrs. Bennet's character; annoying and enjoyable to read at the same time. I'm always glad she's not my mom. :-) I don't blame Kitty for wanting to get a bit more snuggly.

  10. I always loved Mrs. Bennett's hysterics, but then I love a drama. You've captured her perfectly here!

  11. Always the Drama Queen. Great snippet. Poor Kitty, so embarrassed.


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