Friday with Friends ~ Christina Lorenzen

Welcome, Christina Lorenzen, who is here to talk about her newest release, Healing Seas.

In just a matter of days, Addie Mayfield's life is upended. Through an arrangement her father makes, she sets sail on the RMS Titanic as governess to the two young Fairchild children. When tragedy strikes, she finds herself rescued alongside strangers on the RMS Carpathia, headed for New York City. Far from home, she is taken in by the O'Reilly family to wait for her family to send for her. With no money for her passage home, she's brought to the small hamlet of Montauk to become a caretaker for a great aunt she has never met.

Captain Frank Shea is man without a ship. Removed from duty as captain of the RMS Morrow, he's come to Montauk to recover from a leg injuty. More painful than the injury is his fall from grace after spending his entire life at sea. The ocean was his home and he has never needed anyone. Now faced with an uncertain future, he's desperate for a way back to the sea. Until he meets Addie Mayfield, a woman who is just as lost as he is.

Can these two people find hope for the future after all they've lost? Can an unexpected love heal two broken souls?
"Yes, then Aunt Tillie." She stood awkwardly, the weight of the bulky coat tugging her down on one side.
The woman shook her head and patted the sea of blankets.
"Please, come sit down. Let me get to know you. I haven't seen my nephew in more than thirty years. I know I have never seen you."
Addie sat gingerly on the edge of the bed, not sure where the woman's small body was underneath the blankets.
"Yes, that's what my father and mother told me. I...I want to thank you for having me here."
"Oh, well, we'll see about that thank you later on. Your father informed me you were heading off to be some fancy governess for some fancy family. You'll find no fancy here, Adelaide. I need someone who can get things in order while I'm recovering from the influenza." She stopped speaking and stared at Addie, as if deciding on how to further proceed.
"Yes, I understand. I don't need fancy, ma’am...Aunt Tillie. I'm happy to have a place to stay until my parents can send for me."
"Yes, well then, that what they call you?" She stopped and waited.
"Uh, no, it's Addie."
"Well, then, Addie, as I was going to say, it looks like we'll both be recuperating one way or another." Her bright eyes darkened for a moment. "I'm glad that you made it through such a horrendous disaster. I understand the family you were employed with was not as fortunate."
Addie felt a cloud of heat surround her face. The familiar funny feeling spread from head to toe. She did not want to talk about the ship sinking, the sounds of screaming people, the smell of the ocean slowly swallowing them.
"Yes, that is true." In an effort to change the subject, she looked around the small bedroom. "Is there anything I can get you right now?"
Aunt Tillie eyed her and nodded, seeming to understand Addie's need to escape the subject. "Well, a cup of tea would be lovely. You'll find a few supplies in the kitchen that the church ladies dropped off earlier in the week. I trust you know your way around the kitchen?"
Christina started writing as a young teen, jotting stories in wire ring composition notebooks. Her first typewriter made it faster to get all those stories out of her head and down on paper. Her love of writing has sustained her through a myriad of jobs that included hairdresser, legal secretary, waitress and door-­to-‑door saleswoman.

Luckily for her, writing proved to be successful and a lot less walking than going door to door. Healing Seas, her first historical romance, is Christina's fifth book. She is also the author of A Husband for Danna, its sequel, A Wife for Humphrey, Snow Globe Reunion and Harvest Blessings. She is busy working on a modern retelling of the classic tale, Rapunzel. When she isn't writing or reading, she can be found walking her dog, talking to her herd of cats and spending time with her family.

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  1. I didn't know you had a herd of cats. I guess your poor doggie is outnumbered. I enjoyed your excerpt very much.

    1. As a cat-lady-in-training, I understand how Christina feels. Sometimes all you do is 'herd' your cats.

  2. Love the excerpt! Thanks for sharing it.


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