And... we're back!

You've waited long enough for this, through several weeks of anticipation, I thought I'd finally share the proposal. Obviously this will be condensed from original canon because NO ONE can propose in less than 10 lines. Seriously. Who?
He paced to the edge of the terrace and stood by the balustrade, hands clasped behind his back. His attention seemed centered on the partially frozen lake bordering the expanse of the garden. She drew her shawl close around her body and waited for him to continue. Finally, when she thought her lips would turn blue from cold, he turned to face her.
"I tried not to love you, but it has been difficult."
Her breath caught and a flock of butterflies took flight in her stomach. He loved her, this man who chastised her every chance, loved her?
"You captivated my heart from the moment I met you. I've prayed and sought God for answers because I did not think you were meant for me. You were more earthly minded than heavenly and I remained convinced you only sought a marriage that would elevate you in society. You held no regard for who you would marry, but what you would marry."

Well - darn. You'll have to wait until next week for the actual proposal... Wasn't that mean of me? BTW - CAROLINE is now available on Amazon. Click on the JAFF tab above or peruse my web site for links to buy.

Now for the fun part. Other authors have posted their 8-10 lines and you can find them on Weekend Writing Warriors or on the Group Facebook Page for Snippet Sunday

Have a great day and hug someone you love.


  1. So far, this proposal is not guaranteed to win the grand prize of "Yes". I trust he'll get better at it, though.

    1. Yes. He wouldn't win any points with me either - and I wrote him! HA!

  2. So far he's not doing too great IMHO, just like Darcy's first attempt. I hope he figures it out in the rest of the proposal!

  3. Run from this awkward proposal. In too many words it's almost an insult. I'd smack right in the face!

  4. I'm afraid he's hopeless. The man does not know how to propose. Do you think it's a fatal flaw?

  5. I wonder what she'll say. Great tease.

  6. So far I can't see his speech making her leap into his arms. He better get down to some romancy business pretty darn quick.

  7. I'll give him props for trying. Doesn't mean I think it should stick!

  8. Lord Nathan does have a propensity for speaking the truth, although not always at appropriate times.

  9. Yeah, I think I would've called him on his insults and suggest that he come to terms with his disdain for his feelings. Good snippet, Sue.

  10. Well, he loves her. That's a good start. The rest, um... needs some work...


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