Welcome to my blog. Weekend Writing Warriors are a group of authors who post from a work in progress. Our post can be anywhere from 8 - 10 lines. Do you know how hard that is? I ALWAYS want to exceed the limit.

I'm continuing to share from CAROLINE: Pride and Prejudice continued... as my newest WIP doesn't have enough to glean some yummy lines from - yet.

We're still at the ball. Nathan and Caroline are dancing the scandalous waltz. It is the supper set and when a lady accepted a gentleman's request for this particular set, it was accepted that she would have the evening meal with him. This gave the prospective suitor at least another hour with the woman he pursued.

Nathan is extremely jealous that she danced with Lord Waverly, the Marquis of Dorchester. Not because she danced with him, but seemed to enjoy herself, smiling at the Marquis when she is quiet and wary with him. Not reasonable, I know, but when you're fighting at falling in love you're not always sensible.

"Lord Waverly seemed much taken by you."

"He has much to be admired for."

Jealousy gripped him as more doubts about her character assailed him, her seeming covetousness of other's title and status amongst the Ton.

"Waverly is known to enjoy the company of many without making any commitments."

"I didn't think he'd propose marriage after one dance, my Lord."

Her green eyes blazed up at him and he knew he'd overstepped his boundaries, but couldn't seem to stop.

"No, he wouldn't, he will marry someone who can advance his family's name."

Her quick intake of breath told him his comment hit the mark and they danced the remainder of the waltz in silence. He was not surprised when Caroline refused to take his arm and allow him to escort her to supper. He'd been a fool - no that was too soft - he'd been an ass.

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  1. Hard to come back from that one. Good hook!

  2. Rude to imply she was trying to advance her family's standing.

  3. As stated above - sometimes you are NOT sensible when fighting love. Poor Lord Nathan.

  4. Enjoyed the snippet, felt very "regency" to me!

  5. You capture the era so well. Thanks, Sue

  6. An ass indeed. I hope he can make reparations.

  7. ooh, I love that she's not letting him push her around. They seem well-matched.

  8. Tension and snootiness! Love that push-back by our heroine.

  9. Oh yeah, he definitely screwed up. Great snippet, Sue. :)

  10. He really put his foot in it. Love all the "rules" of the Regency period.

  11. A little miffed that he saw through her, is she?


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