Love is In the Air

Happy Valentine's Day

Do you have any plans? Romantic dinner? Movie night? Long soak in the tub with loads of bubbles and a good book?

Top Gun and I are watching horrible movies on TV. We're clicking on movies we've never seen before, or heard about and they are absolutely horrendous. We should have stuck with the tried and true. The ones we've seen a gazillion times, but still love.

Is there a movie you watch again and again without tiring of it? Care to share?

Mine is Pride and Prejudice - all versions (except the one with Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier) *shudder* Sad thing is - Top Gun won't watch this with me. I have to wait until he's away, (which is about four nights a week), before I can camp on the couch with my Doritos and watch Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth spar verbally.

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