Tidbit Tuesday

I have two stories running around in my head, and I'm torn as to which one I'll focus my attention on.
I'd like some help. Below will be the book blurb. Let me know which one YOU think I should continue.

Here goes:

After tragedy strikes at the heart of Jenna McLachlan, she flees her memories and takes a sabbatical to Scotland. After a year, she finally returns home to Ravenwood. Ready for life, but not love, Jenna won’t open her heart to anyone. There’s only heartache and sorrow waiting for her there, and she doesn’t think she could survive that again.
Ian McEwan, Ravenwood’s newest vet, is too busy for life and love, but he’s hit with both head on when he rescues a young woman by the side of the road. It doesn’t take long for him to find out that although Jenna likes his company, she won’t let anyone come close to loving her.
Is Ian patient enough to win Jenna’s scarred heart, and is he willing to share her with the painful memories she’s worn like a security blanket all these years?

Always the good twin, Gretchen Swanson lives in the shadow of her vibrant sister, Leah. But she has a secret. She writes chart toppling songs for rising country star Laney Richards. With her new found wealth she bought a reliable car, a cute bungalow and quietly invested the remaining money.
Her other secret is that she's in love with the Rafe Crawford, but he's not available. She believes he's still in love with her twin, even though they haven't dated since Rafe graduated high school and left for Chicago.
After ten years as a detective in Chicago, Rafe Crawford returned home to Ravenwood as their new sheriff. Within months of his homecoming, there's a string of break-ins with no leads and he's beyond frustrated. Then he notices that Gretchen Swanson seems to have come into money. With her new car and house, he wonders how she can afford this as she only works part-time at the vet clinic and volunteers the rest of her time with Seniors and church activities.
He makes the decision to keep his eye on her, which isn't difficult because she's always held his attention. She's the reason he broke it off with Leah and left town, but now he's back and needs to get to the bottom of this mystery.
So there you have it. Both are delicious but I'm torn. I love them both.


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