Friday Kiss ~ June 23

 #FridayKiss ~ This week's word is LIKE

His uncle stared at the ceiling, seemingly deep in thought. “Were you not leery something like this might happen when she asked you to join her outside?”
“She did not request my presence, I followed,” he explained. “I thought she would catch a chill.”
Uncle Robert snapped his attention to him.“You followed her.”
It was a statement, not a question.
His uncle began to laugh. Brow furrowed, Darcy could only watch and wonder what was going on in his uncle’s mind. Finally, the earl stood and held out his hand. Surprised, Darcy put down his drink and accepted the handshake.
“I wish you well in your marriage, Darcy,” he said before exiting the room. “You are going to need it.”

Compromise & Consequence
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