Friday Kiss ~ June 2

Today's word for #FridayKiss is 'tangle'.

On the groom's side of the chapel were the earl's former in-laws, Lord and Lady Sunderland, who sat with a very excited Lady Cassandra. Mrs. Bennet’s heart swelled with love when she saw Lord Holcomb’s daughter. She was such a polite and adorable child, yet filled with a nervous kind of energy. In some ways, she resembled Elizabeth when she was younger; always questioning and curious. Mrs. Bennet couldn’t count the number of times she wished for nightfall to find some peace from the endless questions like, ‘Why does a cricket’s leg bend backward?’ or ‘How do clouds stay afloat?’ Even when Mrs. Bennet checked on her children before bed, she often found Elizabeth in a tangle of sheets, still exploring in her sleep. The man who married her would need lots of patience to quell her curiosity. She blushed a little at the thought of how her husband had calmed her nerves when they first were married.
Fanny looked at Lord Holcomb – Henry – waiting patiently near the altar for his bride. At the time of Mr. Bingley’s defection, she had despaired of her Jane ever finding happiness, but now that she’d met the earl, Fanny could not even begin to imagine her eldest daughter married to anyone else. Henry was faithful and true and valued Jane for more than her beauty, something Fanny had erroneously thought was the only valuable asset her daughter owned. Fortunately, the earl had seen beyond the physical and sought the woman beneath the skin.
Standing next to Henry was Mr. Darcy. Now, this was something Fanny had not expected. She knew the earl had lost almost all his immediate family to an influenza outbreak a few years ago, so there was no brother to stand with him. She reasoned, however, if Mr. Darcy’s courtship with Elizabeth progressed further, the two men would become brothers through marriage, which created its own perfect symmetry.
Mrs. Bennet assessed the proud mien of Mr. Darcy. No one could deny the gentleman’s attractive appearance, but his prideful bearing was, at times, difficult to overlook. Would he have the capacity and patience to handle Elizabeth’s unparalleled enthusiasm for life? When she posed this question after being informed of their courtship, Mr. Bennet assured her if their daughter accepted a marriage proposal, she would have a very content life. Her husband explained Elizabeth’s joie de vivre was precisely what the man from Derbyshire needed to soften his somber disposition. Fanny suddenly chuckled and hoped the fastidious man did not mind tangled bed cloths.
The church door opened and Elizabeth entered to begin the procession. Fanny happened to catch sight of Mr. Darcy’s expression upon seeing her second daughter walk down the aisle and sighed with satisfaction. He would not mind tangled sheets at all.

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