Friday Kiss ~ June 16

#FridayKiss Today's word is LIFE

This scene is from Compromise & Consequence.
“Although my actions belied my words, I now know the first time I beheld you my heart was lost forever, and, fool that I was, I fought to push those feelings away. I love you, Elizabeth Darcy. You have bewitched me body and soul. Never will you ever hear me say a word against you or your family. You love them and because of that, I will always treasure them in my heart, for through their love and care, your character was formed. And I love your character almost as much as I love your form, your vivaciousness, your laugh, and your fine eyes.”
“Goodness, Mr. Darcy,” she teased with a slight smile. “When you put your mind to it, you can be quite charming. Are you sure you would rather not have a reset of our beginning and find a wife who would not give you so much heartache and turmoil?”
“Absolutely not! If none of this happened, I would still be miserable and in want of a wife.”
“You cannot be sure of that.”
“All my adult life I have searched for a woman like you and if I had not accepted the invitation from Bingley to come to Hertfordshire, I most assuredly would still be a single man, haunting one crowded ballroom after another, seeking the other half of my heart.” 

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