Tidbit Tuesday ~ May 23

Today's selection is a work in progress. It is not ready for publication, but I wanted to share a scene from the beginning. I hope you enjoy this 'tidbit' from Charming Mr. Darcy.

Elizabeth tore apart her hot roll and popped a small piece into her mouth. As she chewed the soft bun, she carefully watched the other guests around the breakfast table. Across from her and to the left, sat Mr. Darcy, his face as closed off as every other time she looked in his direction. Idly, she wondered if he ever removed his mask of stoicism, amused at the image of him asking his valet to untie the strings around his head when preparing for bed in order to get a good night’s rest.
Miss Bingley, directly across from Elizabeth, simpered and flirted with no success. Every coy glance, every subtle touch of her hand to his arm, elicited no response except stilted, polite replies. What would Miss Bingley do if Mr. Darcy answered even one of her brainless questions with complete truth?
At that exact moment, Elizabeth did something she had promised her father she would never do. She touched the crystal which hung around her neck, whispered a few soft words, then sat back and watched her work unfold.
“I came as soon as I received your note. What has you so lathered up?”
“I am afraid I did something terrible, Papa.” He gave a start, and she tried to smile. “Nothing life-threatening, but it has created a… well, an interesting situation.”
“What did you do?” her father said with a resigned sigh.
“I wanted Mr. Darcy to be truthful and not hide behind his social mask. That is what Jane calls it, not me. I think he is purposefully proud—”
“Elizabeth! Enough with your narrow slant on the man’s character. What. Did. You. Do?”
“Yesterday morning at breakfast, I placed a charm on Mr. Darcy’s teaspoon.”
“You are forbidden from using unauthorized magic until you reach your age of majority.”
“I know, Papa. And I am sorry.”
“The purpose of the charm, after he had touched the teaspoon, was to only tell the truth for a full week.”

Ruh Roh Scooby

Dare we wonder what truths Mr. Darcy might blurt out while Elizabeth is at Netherfield Park caring for Jane? Tell me what you think.

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