Goodbye Facebook

How do YOU spell frustration? I spell it F.A.C.E.B.O.O.K. Both begin with F, as does a particular curse word I am very tempted to use.

Let me break this down for you.

Sept18 (ironically, while I was ON the entity which shall not be named and heretofore called simply FB), I got a popup message which said someone on a Samsung Galaxy 8 tried to access my account. As I do not own a Samsung phone, I immediately changed my password, as per instructions. Not more than thirty minutes later, I received another popup message saying someone tried to access my account. As it was me (or so I thought), changing my password, I clicked the 'yes' button, saying it had been me. Later in the day, I once again got another popup, and I thought I hit no, but must have hit yes.


Account suspended as I have not met community standards. I was on FB at the time, and my account just disappeared. I spent the next four days trying to find ways and means to reactivate my account and tell FB that 'yes, it is me and not some bot.' Here is where the difficulty lay. Back in 2011, when I first signed up for FB, I was a fledgling author. The e-mail attached to this account belonged to a domain for my website (which is now defunct). They cannot send me a confirmation e-mail as this e-mail does not exist. Next, for whatever reason, FB did not recognize my mobile phone number no matter how many times I requested the six-digit code to enter. GAH!

Finally, I remembered Instagram is connected to FB and attempted to access my Instagram account. They told me I could not access this account because my FB account was suspended. However, they did recognize my mobile number, and I was able to enter the blessed code. You would think everything was rosy, but NO. That pesky old e-mail came into play. FB would NOT recognize me and completely deactivated my account and happily told me their decision was final and I had no recourse. They were so very kind to wish me a happy day.

Yesterday, I opened a new account with FB, using my mobile number, and slowly began to send out messages to family, saying the new friend request coming forth truly was from ME and to accept it. By this afternoon, five members had accepted my requests, and I was patiently awaiting the others. When I went to open my brand new FB account, I had that same horrible pop-up saying I was not in compliance and my account had been suspended.


I said all that to say this.

I'm done. Goodbye Facebook - Hello MeWe. Click HERE to access my page.

MeWe is a social network where there are no ads, and it is absolutely free. If you want bells and whistles, there is a monthly fee, but you can set up a simple account to stay connected with friends and family, and there are tons of groups you can join.

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