Regency Household Math

I'm working on Mary and in the first few scenes, I have the whole family descend upon Meryton. I began to keep track of who was where, as Longbourn couldn't possibly hold all of them with their servants and children in attendance. Here's what I have so far.

Wilton Manor (house that Darcy rents for the month they're in Meryton) Darcy, Elizabeth, Bennet, and Andrew (children) Two nannies, one valet, one lady's maid

Staying with the Darcy's are Georgiana and her husband Max, their valet and maid as well as Colonel Fitzwilliam with his batman. Kitty and her husband George will also stay with Lizzy and they have their daughter, nanny, valet, and maid in tow. That's 20 people.

We're not done!

Onto Netherfield Park, which the Hurst's purchased after Charles gave up his lease. Staying with them will be Charles and Jane, their two children, nannies, valet, and maid. Caroline and her husband Nathan have arrived along with their daughter, nanny, valet, and maid. That's 13 more mouths to feed at Netherfield Park.

Now we come to Longbourn where we find Mr. and Mrs. Bennet along with Mary. Who should they find on their doorstep? Wickham and Lydia with two children (at the very least - I haven't decided) with no servants, no nannies, and no money.

So let's do the math. 20 + 13 + 7 = More trouble than you could possibly conceive...

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