I Won An Award!

I received the loveliest surprise this morning in my e-mail. I won the Jane Austen Reader's Bi-Monthly award for my book CAROLINE.

I was quite worried about my entry because most Janeites absolutely HATE Caroline Bingley and have a hard time reconciling their minds around her having a change of character and heart. Thank you to Charlotte Bream and her team for choosing my book.

Here is the review, link to the blog site added on the bottom if you wish to verify and/or check out this blog for other books and recommendations.

Editorial Review
A poignant tale of Caroline Bingley's struggle to overcome Mr. Darcy's rebuttal of her affections, and his eventual wedlock to Miss Elizabeth Bennet unfolds. With a hard lesson learned for the young lady with a scissor sharp tongue, Caroline is forced to consider her future. A bleak picture emerges, and while she must at all costs be present at Darcy's wedding, she did not foresee Pemberley as the prime venue for the wedding breakfast. With stoicism Caroline strives to impress on the Misses Elizabeth and Jane Bennet, she no longer bears hard feelings toward either of them. All the while she remains embittered in belief her life is in tatters and her heart shredded by Darcy. Quite oblivious to another gentleman who views her as Darcy never has, Caroline is soon faced with a dilemma. Totally unaware the thrill of the chase excites her admirer she finds him exhilarating company. He is what he is at heart while somewhat reformed in character. To her chagrin he becomes her salvation and mentor in may respects. Soon a Caroline she never new existed emerges from the dark shadow of all she had despised about herself. Hence envy, heartache, gratitude and love, is blended with the skill of excellent prose and solid pot. And within the pictorial splendour of the Pemberley Estate is where a happy ever after for Caroline is realized. Therefore, the Jane Austen Award is hereby bestowed to Sue Barr for Caroline: a P&P Continuation.

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