Welcome back, fellow Warriors (and guests).

Ever since my 'incident', I have NOT been sleeping well. When you don't get enough zzzz's... cranky can't begin to describe the mood. DH had business in Toronto and took me along for a treat. We checked into the hotel around four p.m. and I fell asleep on the couch watching TV. I woke up around eleven o'clock, crawled into bed and slept through until six a.m. So much for our romantic dinner out. However, this is the first time in weeks I slept through with no pain. Hallelujah!

Ah well, we had a lovely breakfast. Don't feel too bad for hubby. He fell asleep beside me on the couch. After thirty-five years + of marriage, I guess that's acceptable.

Here is this week's offering. I admit to creative punctuation, only so I could comply with the maximum ten line rule. Last week we left off with: "No fear, Miss Bennet. I'm sure the animal is close by. It may be something as simple as an improperly closed latch and the horse has found greener pastures to graze on."
Mary assessed the Colonel carefully.
If there was an improperly closed latch, I'll eat my bonnet. Why would the Colonel set Mr. Camden on a fool's errand?
In a flash she had her answer, Colonel Fitzwilliam wanted the undivided attention of Miss Talbot. Mary was quite aware that the good Colonel had informed Lizzy, upon their first meeting at Rosings Park, that as a second son he was required to marry well. Miss Talbot with her annoying twenty thousand pounds fit the bill to perfection. The fact she was accomplished and beautiful was icing on the proverbial wedding cake.
Who would look twice at a woman of three and twenty with no substantial dowry to speak of? No one. She was practically on the shelf - unmarriageable - she may as well begin scouring the papers for positions as a companion to some woman in their dotage.
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  1. Oh dear, someone should tell Mary not to leap to conclusions so rapidly...enjoyed the snippet because you're telling us a fun story! Really well done...

  2. Terrific snippet. I so enjoy the way you tell a story.

  3. Glad you managed to get some sleep. That always goes a long way towards the healing process.

  4. Hugs to both you and Mary!! Neither should be feeling so low! I love Mary's snippy spunk.

  5. Poor Mary. Her position is indeed precarious, so I'm sure she has moments like this (feeling sorry for herself) from time to time. I'll be in Toronto in a week and a half, and I have trouble sleeping there. Or rather, staying awake. For me, it's a three-hour time difference, which totally messes me up.

    1. When we go back West to visit family in B.C., we are bagged by nine o'clock local, which is midnight back here in Ontario. It takes a few days to sync up with everyone.

  6. Glad you got a good night's sleep. Everything seems so much worse when you're tired. Hope you feel better soon. Good snippet. Her attitude is pretty low, defeatist. Too bad.

  7. Poor Mary, she needs to be more positive about herself - but I can understand how she feels inadequate compared to Miss Talbot. Glad you managed to get some good sleep, it's awful when pain keeps you awake.

  8. Aww, Poor Mary! I hope she learns that she can be strong and powerful without needing to be married. I also hope you feel better soon!


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