Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle - Day One

Take a breath, I'm not going to post every day in this journey, but I am going to TRY and post weekly, letting you know how I'm doing, starting with today.

Hubby and I have embarked on a journey to have a healthier lifestyle. Food is not my enemy - I don't live to eat, but this doesn't mean I eat the right foods either. So, for me, I need to boost my  metabolism and make myself eat three meals a day. I am one who only eats when hungry and I'm not a big snacker. This leads to my body storing up food for the 'next' time I eat. My challenge is to eat even when I don't feel hungry, such as now. It's lunch time and I have to make something for DH and I.

Hubby's challenge is to become more active and cut down on the snacking/sweets. Poor man. I think that will be his biggest hurdle. He has a HUGE sweet tooth.

If you're looking to start a healthier life style, one of the places you can begin is to create your space in the kitchen and get in the mind set to plan ahead your meals. Why plan ahead? So you know what to buy when you grocery shop and not get sidetracked while shopping.

Three Steps to Better Shopping
Plan Your Meals
If you visit the grocery store once a week, starting planning your meals a week in advance. If you find it too difficult to do a whole week’s meal planning, break it into more manageable chunks, like planning only your dinners. I always think of that question, 'How do you eat an elephant?' One bite at at time. Don't let this step overwhelm you. Do what's necessary and next week, add a bit more to your meal planning.

Make Sure Your Pantry has Everything You Need
Before you finish your list, check your cupboards or pantry. As you start to memorize recipes, or customize them to your tastes, it’s not always easy to remember all the ingredients you’ll need for a every dish.Also, the more cooking you do on your own, the sooner you’ll run short of some of the basics, like condiments and oils. A well-stocked pantry will help you avoid the disappointment of not having all the ingredients you need for a certain recipe – and avoid the unexpected trip to the grocery store to get them.

Get More Herbs & Spices
One of the biggest complaints when people start cooking and eating healthier food is that it tastes bland. That’s because there is less fat, salt and sugar in it. Herbs and spices offer some very tasty options for getting more flavour into your dishes without adding extra calories. Also, you can use essential oils in place of dried herbs. I personally use Oil of Oregano and Oil of Basil in my spaghetti sauce. You can check out my essential oil page by clicking this image found on the right side bar. This is only two of many oils you can add to your diet/drinks.
This challenge hubby and I embark on is a lifestyle change. Are we going to make mistakes. Yup. Will we cheat once and while. You betcha, but overall, we are deciding to give our bodies a better chance of keeping us around for a little longer. Weight loss will occur, but the funny thing, that's not our biggest motivator. We both want to decrease the amount of fat coating our inner organs and have more energy. 

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