It's that time again where a merry band of writers slap words down on paper, in digital form for most of us, and then share with the world a small bite of their work. Really small bite - as in only 8-10 lines.

We left off with Lord George Kerr, the second son of a Duke, dealing with a young lad about eight years of age. Here's a flashback (of sorts). "Buttons?" Phillip grinned, showing a gap between some of his teeth, which made George think he was only about eight or nine years old. At least that was how old he'd been when all he had to show for a smile was his two front teeth with nothing on either side.

And now, continuing on....
"Yes, my horse's name is Buttons, are we in accord you will look after him?"
"I dunno, I'm supposed to help me mum and there ain't no pay lookin' after yer 'orse."
What a sad state of affairs that a child had to worry about bringing money home for the family.
"What would you say if I paid you a half guinea for a job well done?"
"A half guinea?" Phillip squeaked out, his eyes wide.
"For a job well done," George stressed. "You must do a good job in order to receive the full amount."
He already knew he'd pay the boy even if the job was incomplete, but Phillip didn't need to know that."
"I can help you hunt fer gold."
Trust Phillip to remember George was 'hunting for gold'. I told you he was a bright lad. For a complete explanation of what this blog hop is all about (read that as rules of engagement) and to find links to other authors participating this week, click HERE.

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  1. Aw George is great - a man who cares so much about his horse and a ragamuffin child - what's not to love!

  2. It's good that he's fond of children and sympathetic toward the downtrodden.

  3. I like your hero - he seems very caring. Enjoyed the excerpt...

  4. You show his character well. Anyone who is concerned about children and cares for his horse is good in my book. Good snippet.


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