We ended last week with Catherine being carried up the embankment by Lord George and when she tried to stand, her ankle wouldn't hold her weight. To refresh your memories:

"No!" she pulled away from him and almost fell again in pain. This time her ankle refused to hold her weight....

And now the continuation of CATHERINE: Pride & Prejudice continued... Book Two
With lightning fast reflexes, he caught her before she hit the ground.
"We can't ride together, what will people say?"
With his arms firmly wrapped around her, he glanced up and down the road. His eyebrow arched and he grinned. "What people do you see, Miss Bennet?"
"You never know who could come along, no, I'll have to walk."
She pushed lightly against his chest and he allowed them to separate, but kept his hands firmly on her forearms, to steady her balance.
"No," he said, his tone resolute. "I'll walk, you'll ride Buttons."
"Buttons?" She tried not to laugh because it hurt, but the horse was a handsome steed, worthy of name like Zeus, Juno, or Lightning.

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  1. I really like Lord George. Although she tries to fight him every step of the way, he always finds a way to help her. And yes, Buttons is an unexpected name for a horse in that period.

  2. AnonymousJune 03, 2017

    I immediately thought about him letting her ride while he walked, so I'm glad it occurred to him, too.

  3. Lovely snippet just right for it's time in place.

  4. I like his practicality (and also the whimsical name of the horse). Another very satisfactory excerpt!

  5. Great snippet! Love the name of the horse!

  6. Lol, to Buttons. She can't say no to a horse with such a friendly name!

  7. Buttons was an excellent name choice, Sue. Enjoyed this snippet, as usual xxx

  8. I'm starting to love George. A lot. Naming his horse Buttons seals the deal. ;)

  9. AW, Buttons is a cute name! LOL! Great snippet.


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