Oh no. In my last 'wewriwa' post the cultured thug told the other thug, Bill, to shoot the 'prancing dandy' first if they so much as moved. Doesn't look good for Lord George and the tasty tart, Evangeline.

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Now, continuing on with George and the Madame, who'd cried out, "Please don't shoot."
Her plea had the desired effect. At her cry, Bill momentarily shifted his attention from George to her. Without hesitation, George whipped the knife and lodged it in the man's heart. He halted, and the gun clattered to the floor, his expression registering surprise as he glanced down at his chest. At first there was nothing to see but the hilt of the knife protruding. Then a dark red stain spread across his dingy shirt. It took only seconds, but he looked back at George, sank to his knees and crumpled to the floor.
The other man turned and before he could point his weapon, Evangeline had raised her arm and with deadly aim, made sure he never breathed again. George eyeballed the bullet hole dead square in the assailant's forehead.
"Remind me to never challenge you to a duel, Madame Reauchard."
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  1. Sounds like they managed to survive that situation. Though the other two men sure didn't.

  2. After scenes like this, I often wonder how they're going to dispose of the bodies and avoid problems with the police. In television shows, the writers often simply punt, pretending nothing's wrong with leaving a body lying about.

    1. At this time in history, another body floating in the Thames wouldn't have raised any eyebrows...

  3. Well they certainly don't mess around when danger looms! Very dramatic excerpt this week...

  4. Very satisfying, Sue. That sorted that inconvenience out, very efficiently. So, who heard the shot, and will they be caught?

  5. Knife takes out gun. That was a seriously fast move!

  6. Phew, that was a close call. well handled.

  7. Wow. That was awesome. :D

  8. Ooooo! Aren't they a deadly pair! Great scene, Sue. Puts you right there in the middle of things.


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