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I'm continuing with Lord George and Madame Reauchard. We left off with the large man training his gun on the two of them, while the other man moved toward the table....
“Make sure they don’t move, Bill. Shoot the prancing dandy first.” His tone was more cultured than most thugs for hire and a hint of familiarity tugged at the corner of George’s mind.
It was only through years of conditioning that he didn’t betray his concern the man would discover important papers beneath his coat. If he found the smuggled documents and escaped with the knowledge of his and Evangeline’s clandestine operation, then many courageous people died for nothing. He arose from the couch like a sleepy giant.
“Whad’ya want,” he slurred and weaved on his feet as though drunk. “You haf to wait your turn, I paid for a full hour.”
He lurched toward the man called Bill who gripped his pistol tighter and advanced a step toward them. Evangeline cried out, “Please, don’t shoot.”
I feel this is where I should insert an announcer's voice, saying: "Will the thugs find the smuggled documents, and, will Lord George and Evangeline escape with their lives? Stay tuned next week for more adventures in (cue music) The Jane Austen Variation Theater......


  1. "Jane Austen Variation Theater?" I must have missed the book in which she features guns, spies and brothels. ;-)

    1. Now THAT might make a good book too!

  2. I suspect the thugs are about to discover a little more about the 'prancing dandy' than they care for!

  3. Love your comment about the announcer! Enjoyed the snippet too of course :)

  4. Loved him described as a prancing dandy! But I think the dandy is going to prance all over their faces very shortly. Can't wait for more!

  5. I love his fast thinking! They're about to get more than they bargained for!

  6. This is why thugs should never assume things. Great snippet!

  7. Haha! "...prancing dandy..." Outstanding!


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