Looking for a lighthearted holiday romance?


Never tell a bold faced lie - unless you can follow through with flawless precision...

Kristen Wainwright has been dumped in the most humiliating way possible - only at the most posh restaurant in all Ravenwood, La Crème, and to add insult to injury, her ex has taken up with the office mean queen, Janine Fehr.

Unable to tolerate the snide comments and subtle insults, Kristen, in a moment of weakness tells Janine that 'yes, she's coming to the annual Christmas gala', and 'yes, she's bringing a special someone - her new fiancé'. Now all she has to do is find one.

How hard can that be?

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“You what?”
“I know. I couldn’t help myself.”
I sat, curled up on the couch in my Team USA sweatpants, the phone tucked between my ear and shoulder. On the other end was Stephanie, my best friend since middle school.
“She said she couldn’t help herself.” Stephanie relayed our conversation to Bryce, her husband. I heard him in the background, commenting how it would bite me in the derriere. She spoke into the phone again. “Bryce said—”
“I heard what he said. What am I going to do? I’ve got three weeks to find a fiancé.”

Stanley rolled over onto his back, inviting me to scratch his chest. I quit worrying my thumbnail and petted him. Soft purring vibrated against my thigh. Too bad Stanley wasn’t a guy. He’d be the perfect date. He adored me, hung on my every word and didn’t expect me to have sex with him.
The idea hit me faster than I could blink and I sat up straight. Stanley scrambled off the couch at my sudden movement.
“I have a fabulous idea.”
“Oh, I don’t like this. Last time you had a fabulous idea, I wore a cast for six weeks. I still can’t straighten my arm completely.”
“That was years ago,” I said, brushing aside her concern. “This one will work. Do you have any exceptionally handsome men friends, willing to be my fiancé?”
“Now I know you’re crazy.”
“Hear me out. They’d only have to pretend for a couple of weeks. Show up to a few office functions, maybe a movie or two and then we’ll have a mutual parting of ways.”
As I said the words I became more and more convinced this would work. This idea was freaking brilliant. 

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