Welcome to my Weekend Writing Warrior post. This week I'm sharing from my newest #WIP - Gretchen's Song ~ Welcome to Ravenwood ~ Book Three

In this scene, Sheriff Rafe Crawford has staked out the Tipsy Seagull. His interest is fully engaged when Gretchen Swanson exits the pub and behaves in a manner that makes him think she's had WAY too much to drink. When she stumbles against her car and drops the keys he almost hops out of his truck to lend a hand - until he notices her taking a quick glance around. Almost as though she expects someone to be watching.
After the parking lot is empty (all other patrons have exited) she finally starts her car and begins to back out. He pulls in behind, blocking her exit and approaches the driver's side window. They engage in conversation and he realizes she hasn't had anything to drink. There is not even a hint of alcohol on her breath. So, he asks her what the act was all about.

This selection has been modified slightly to meet the 10 line requirement. Enjoy.

“I’m the D.D.”
His eyes narrowed. “In case you forgot, you didn’t drive anybody anywhere.”
“Not D.D. as in designated driver, D.D. as in designated decoy.”
"The what?" He pushed back his hat and for a brief moment she treasured his look of disbelief. Rafe Crawford was a hard man to catch unaware.
"Designated Decoy." She waited while that thought tumbled around his razor sharp mind and mentally began a countdown to when he’d figure it out.

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  1. Love it Sue! Excellent snippet.

  2. Love it Sue! Excellent snippet.

  3. Uh-oh. If she's just the decoy, maybe the sheriff needs to be elsewhere?

  4. LOL! Can't wait to see how this plays out. Nice Job, Sue!

  5. Fun and she got the best of him-this time.

  6. Interesting snippet! I always enjoy a twist to a story...

  7. I'm intrigued. My mind is far from razor sharp, so I'm still not sure what a designated decoy is. Maybe trying to lure the pushy drunks away from her friends? I want to know more :-)

  8. I can think of a few reasons she might pretend to be drunk. Hope it's not because someone is attacking drunk women at the bar!

  9. LOL. I'll bet you had fun describing his reaction when he realizes he's been decoyed away from whatever he should have been doing.

  10. And a darn good decoy at that! Thanks for sharing!--Book Bling Blogger

  11. Nice! I wonder what his next words will be?? lol


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